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  • What Gary ultimately helps you do is bigger than leads or engagement. It's helping you find your voice and learn to harness it in a way that drives traction on social.

    The leads come but bigger than that you build an audience of people who look to you and that's invaluable."

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    Brendan Dell Founder of B2H
  • In this short period I have been booked on multiple podcasts from people that saw my post on LinkedIn, I had someone over the weekend invite me to speak at a virtual summit because of a post, and I’ve had an increase in inbound requests for my business.

    It’s amazing to see, in this short time, that things are actually coming my way.

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    Ryan Sterling Wealth Coach, Author, Public Speaker
  • I went from having an average of 10 likes and 0 comments to an average of 50 likes and 25 comments on each post after just one week.

    I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to step up their LinkedIn game!

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    Stacy Valancy Career Coach & Resume Writer
  • I approached Gary to assist me in navigating my personal brand on Linkedin. My goal was to connect with like-minded people and to attract the right opportunities.

    I walked away with the strategy that I needed to achieve my goals.

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    Rebecca Hollis Personal Branding Evangelist
  • Gary guided me to move from 1000 views in a month to over 40,000 views in 10 days. I've been invited to speak on international forums and have had many new clients since.

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    Diana Burgess Resiliency Coach, Creator of the RSC Model
  • After only 1 week, I was particularly impressed with my progress: 95% increase in my profile views, 6x more daily requests for my services and, most importantly, 4 new clients.

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    Delia Caluser Career Coach, Founder, Focus Recruitment